Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Named and shamed (the corrupt Local Government Ombudsman fraudsters)

Local Government Ombudsman Officers (York Office)

Richard Corney - Investigator
Chris Cobley - Assistant Ombudsman
Neil Hobbs - Deputy Ombudsman (acting)
Anne Seex - Local Government Ombudsman

These corrupt fraudsters deliberately covered up council maladministration, concealed documented evidence of maladministration, knowingly misrepresented facts to favour incompetent council officers and whitewash mistakes, manipulated evidence, disregarded and failed to uphold their own published guidance on good administrative practice, and by their omissions condoned council malpractice.

These dishonest cowards and two faced hypocrites lack the moral integrity to report the truth. Instead they deceive the public by failing to report all the facts, and conceal the truth in order to cover up the blunders and errors of incompetent council officers. These debased and immoral individuals are paid by the taxpayer to whitewash and cover up maladministration. They are unfit to carry out the duties for which they are employed.

Carlisle City Council Officers

Alan Taylor - Development Control Manager
Alan Eales - Head of Planning Services
Charles Bennett - Tree Officer
Chris Hardman - Local Plans & Conservation Manager
Catherine Elliot - Director of Development Services
John Nutley - Head of Customer & Information Services

The Head of Planning Services, Alan Eales, declared an interest in the developer, Story Construction Ltd. ; he declared a family member (daughter) was employed by Story Construction Ltd.

The Director of Planning Services also had an interest in the developer, Story Construction Ltd. A family member was employed by Story Construction Ltd.

When the two most senior planning officers have an interest in Story Construction Ltd (i.e. both have a member of their family employed by Story Construction Ltd) that must put into question the impartiality of the planning department and their advice to the Development Control Committee in respect of planning and development matters relating to Story Construction Ltd.

It was not disclosed whether any brown envelopes (or the contents thereof) were passed from the developers to council officers.

If any statement published herein relating to any of the above named persons were untrue or incorrect, they could pursue an action for defamation. None of the named persons has done so, nor is it likely that they will do so as all statements herein relating to the above named persons are documented and known to be true.